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Hola Savor Organico followers! Sorry I haven’t had a chance to blog, but Cuba’s Internet is very limited. Not only is it limited you have to buy a WiFi card which cost around $2 an hour then go look for a location that has WiFi. We’re spoiled in the U.S.

Our time in Cuba 🇨🇺 has been amazing. We have created great memories but most importantly we have met the most amazing people and I’m not just saying that because I’m Cuban. Visiting a country that doesn’t have the opportunities and luxury’s as we do in the U.S. is very humbling and also makes me appreciate we I have on top of being blessed. Thanks to my Papi (dad) for leaving his beautiful country to chase a dream of freedom and live the American dream, which I am honored to say he has done an amazing job on achieving that goal. Thanks Papi for teaching what life is really about ❤️ And to be humble and kind.  I am blessed to be your daughter.

So far we have visited Havana(city) & Viñales (country side). Viñales has been my favorite so far. The views are amazing and the people are so humble and kind. We had the opportunity to stay with a family and the mom cooked for us the whole time we were there. Her food was so delicious and way better than any restaurant or hotel we have tried. Staying with a family in there home gave us the chance to see how they live day by day but also have the opportunity to sit down in there home and talk about the life in Cuba 🇨🇺 while sitting in there dining room table drinking some Organic Cafe Cubano or Organic Fresh Herbal Tea.

All of the food in Cuba is Organic, that was the beauty. We didn’t eat and GMOs, pesticides or any other chemicals. You can definitely taste the freshness. On my next blog I will post the different kinds of foods we the opportunity to try.

I will be posting as much as I can while I’m here, so you can see Cuba 🇨🇺 through my journey. Thank you for stopping by and taking the opportunity and checking out my journey called life.

Much Love
Chef Anessa



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